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Reports   November 28, 2023

Transfer on Death Instruments and Their Role in Estate Planning in Cook County

This data brief examines the role that transfer on death Instruments play in facilitating the transfer of real estate to heirs and provides data on the patterns of TODIs filed on homes with an active senior exemption in neighborhoods across Cook County.

November 28, 2023

Many older adults in Cook County die without an estate plan. A newer legal tool is helping heirs hold onto family homes.

SOURCE: Chicago Tribune
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June 21, 2023

Key Housing Challenges in the City of Chicago

IHS research has indicated that the city's housing affordability crisis has some unique characteristics which shed light on why residents are struggling to find affordable rental housing, buy homes, and maintain their current residences.

Reports   May 26, 2023

Assessing Obstacles to Aging in Place for Chicago's Older Homeowners

This research brief discusses some of the key issues that emerged from these discussions and includes new data analysis highlighting the characteristics and spatial patterns of properties owned by older adults in Chicago.

August 30, 2022

KOCO, a 'kickass' Black hero group,' creates senior citizens Bill of Rights

SOURCE: Hyde Park Herald
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December 17, 2021

Chicago Property Tax Hikes Cause Housing Struggles for Seniors

SOURCE: Illinois Policy
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Reports   December 14, 2021

Housing Needs and Economic Conditions of Cook County’s Older Adults, 2021

The development of impactful policy to address the unique housing needs of Cook County’s older adults requires local and timely data on changing conditions, informed by the data needs of issue-area stakeholders. This analysis leverages the local knowledge of roughly 20 Chicago-area organizations working on older adult housing issues to create a practitioner-focused resource on key demographic and socioeconomic conditions related to older-adult housing demand and economic and housing insecurity in Cook County.

December 14, 2021

Planning for the Housing Needs of an Aging Population

To inform our work on Cook County’s older adult housing needs and economic challenges, IHS tapped into the local knowledge of roughly 20 Chicago-area organizations to create a resource on key older adult demographic and socioeconomic trends. Read more here about the distinct challenges facing older adult renter and owner households in Cook County, as well as key policy challenges and information needs that emerged during our stakeholder engagement process.

December 14, 2021

Chicago's older adult population growing, becoming rent burdened: report

SOURCE: Chicago Sun-Times
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